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Our Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Hair Stylist

It’s natural for every bride to want to look and feel their best on their special day. If you are thinking of hiring a wedding photographer or wedding videographer to capture the most intimate and cherished moments from your wedding day, it’s a great idea to think about your dream wedding hair and makeup beforehand. Bridal hair styling plays an essential role in completing your enchanting look, framing your face and complimenting your elegant natural features. But with so many talented wedding hair stylists out there, how do you find one who can bring your vision to life?

What Does a Wedding Hairstylist Do?

There are so many important details to think about when planning a wedding and when the big day finally arrives, the last thing you need to be worrying about is pinning your hair into place. A wedding hair stylist is a fantastic choice for brides wishing to relax and treat themselves to a bit of luxury on the morning of their wedding day. As well as relieving pressure, a bridal hair stylist has the talent and expertise to seamlessly harmonise your bridal hair styling with your wedding theme and wedding venue, creating a cohesive look. Perhaps the most important thing a wedding hair stylist can do for you and your bridal party is make everyone feel beautiful and comfortable on your big day.

Although not essential, providing your bridal party with wedding hair and makeup is a lovely treat that is sure to go down well. Whether or not you decide to provide wedding hair and makeup for your bridal party is completely up to you but many wedding hair and makeup packages will include bridal party options for you to choose from. If you want to achieve a clean, uniform look and have certain hairstyles for bridesmaids in mind, offering your bridal party hair styling for weddings is a superb way of making sure you all harmoniously complement your own unique wedding aesthetic.

How to Choose a Wedding Hairdresser?


The journey to finding your dream wedding hair stylist begins with researching wedding hairdressers and wedding hair stylists in your local area or the area surrounding your chosen wedding venue. Scan through wedding hairdressers’ portfolios on their websites and social media accounts to get a feel of their style. You can tap into the experience of other brides by reading online reviews and seeking recommendations from friends and family. Positive feedback not only speaks to the stylist’s skill but also their professionalism and ability to deliver. Another fantastic option would be asking your own hairdresser if they offer wedding hair styling or if they will travel as you may already have a good relationship with them.


Communication is key when it comes to choosing your wedding hairdresser which is why we recommend opting for a stylist that offers a consultation prior to your big day. During this session you can discuss your vision, explore options and receive expert advice from a professional. A reputable wedding hair stylist will take the time to understand the bride’s personality, style and preferences. A consultation also offers a great opportunity to build a relationship with your chosen bridal hairstylist and you should trust them to turn your dream into a reality. On a personal level, choose a wedding stylist that creates a relaxing environment and that will make the whole experience memorable.

Trial runs

Much like choosing the perfect wedding makeup artist, you should arrange a wedding hair stylist well in advance to allow for trial runs and to ensure you are not left disappointed. It’s a good idea to go into a trial with a vision and bringing a mood board of images is a great way to help your wedding hair stylist visualise your dream wedding hairstyle. This not only gives you a sneak peek at how you will look on the day but also helps you make any necessary adjustments. If you feel your wedding hair stylist doesn’t fully understand your vision or won’t listen, then they aren’t the right one!

Different Types of Wedding Hairstyle

Updo Hairstyles

Updos hairstyles for weddings can be stunning and chic and are a popular choice for brides on their wedding day. Updo hairstyles keep your hair off your face all day long and require little maintenance throughout the day, making you camera ready at any given moment. When it comes to bridal hair styling accessories, the options for updos for weddings are endless. From flower crowns and foliage to delicate pearls and pins, updos hairstyles for weddings are the perfect opportunity to personalise your bridal wedding hairstyle with accessories that reflect your individual style. Some of our favourite updo hairstyles for weddings include a braided low bun with curls and a low loose bun.

Short Hairstyles

Short hair can be just as versatile and beautiful as long hair when it comes to bridal hair styling. Short hair offers more texture and volume which will elevate your bridal wedding hairstyle to the next level. From boho-inspired looks to perfect updos hairstyles for weddings, find a hairstyle that will make you feel beautiful and confident on your special day. Some of our favourite short wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids and brides included slicked buns, Hollywood curls and side pinned looks. Accessorise your look with a delicate headband or sparkly hairpin for a touch of elegance.

Long & Medium Length Hairstyles

Long hair offers a world of possibilities when it comes to hair styling for weddings. Whether you’re looking for romantic loose flowing curls or elegant braids, you are sure to find a long hair wedding hairstyle to suit your style and wedding aesthetic. It is important that your wedding hairstyle reflects your personal style and makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Some of our favourite long hair wedding hairstyles include curled hair with loose braids, side ponytail looks and half up half down hairstyles. Add some decorative pins or floral accessories to complete this glamorous look.

How Much Does a Wedding Hair Stylist Cost?

On average, the cost of a wedding hair stylist in the UK is around £350. This figure includes the price of the bride’s hair on the m

orning of the wedding as well as trials beforehand. The cost of bridal hairdressing can vary dependent on a number of factors including travelling distance and required working hours. Prices will be higher if you choose to have a wedding hair stylist do wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids although opting for this service completely depends on your own preferences and budget. Check out some local wedding hairdressers in the area surrounding your wedding venue as they will offer a range of different wedding hair and makeup packages.

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