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Best Wedding Videographers in Lancashire

As well as a photographer for your wedding in Lancashire, a wedding videographer is a popular choice for many soon-to-be-wed couples and should not be overlooked for your big day. An engaged couples’ biggest concern may be how quickly the day will fly by. This is why a videographer is a great addition to any wedding, allowing couples to live in the moment and not worry about the day escaping them. A wedding videographer is trusted with capturing the biggest spectacles and happiest memories of your wedding day as well as the minute details you may have missed – so it’s important that you choose your wedding videographer wisely!

Why have a wedding videographer?

During the buzz of the day, your wedding will pass in a blur and you will be left longing to re-live it. This is exactly where a wedding videographer comes into action, offering the unique service of capturing those beloved memories from your wedding day. A wedding film allows viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of those wonderful and silly candid moments such as the popping of champagne as you get ready in the bridal suite, an accidental stumble during the ceremony or your happy guests enjoying the party you have put on for them. After thoughtful editing, these intimate moments and pieces of sentimental footage will be compiled into a time capsule of events from your wedding day for you to look back on for years to come.

A wedding videographer would be the perfect addition to a phone-free wedding. In a social media obsessed age, phone-free weddings are becoming increasingly popular as they encourage guests to refrain from posting online and enjoy the day to the full. Whether you choose to have a phone-free wedding or not, a short film of your wedding day is an excellent souvenir to look back on or gift to guests who shared the special day with you.

How to choose your wedding videographer?

Choosing a wedding videographer that matches your unique wedding aesthetic is key to your satisfaction with the final result. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a wedding videographer is their video style. Most wedding videographers have a portfolio of work on their website and social media which give an authentic feel of their production and editing style. Reading reviews from previous clients will also improve your confidence in choosing the right wedding videographer. Whether you resonate more with a traditional documentary or cinematic style, there is a wedding videographer out there for you.

Most wedding videographers offer different packages and services that can be found easily on their websites and social media. They will likely offer a variety of different video length packages such as highlights or full day coverage as well as extra add-ons at your request. The more extravagant wedding videographers might even offer drone footage. Drone wedding footage is a great way of capturing the picturesque setting and atmosphere of an outdoor wedding from an entirely unique perspective.

Videographer or photographer?

You may wonder whether you want a videographer or photographer for your wedding day. Why not both? One advantage of a wedding videographer for your wedding in Lancashire is that they are non-invasive and non-disruptive as you go about your special day. Although a wedding photographer is a more conventional choice, a wedding videographer can capture those small intimate moments of emotion in a lasting record that cannot be replicated through photography alone.

How much is a wedding videographer?

The typical price range for wedding videographers in the UK is around £1,000 to £2,000. The cost of a wedding videographer in Lancashire can vary depending on factors including the wedding location, date, number of videographers and their level of experience as well as the video footage you want.

A wedding videographer is definitely not a necessity but some of the reasons mentioned above might encourage you to consider working one into your wedding budget.

The Lawrence Hotel in Padiham, Lancashire boasts a number of beautiful backdrop locations for your wedding day that are guaranteed to capture well on film including the Courtyard Room, terrace and the Band Stand in Memorial Park.

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