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Sustainability at The Lawrence

The Lawrence is committed to minimising its impact on the environment.

As an independent family run business, we ensure that our unique approach is also translated into the way we act. This is to ensure we are contributing to a sustainable future.



For all our guests that stay with us we work with a pre-order system for breakfast orders. Not only do our guests get an exceptional breakfast in a timely manner. We have zero waste because we are cooking only what is needed. Our kitchen equipment is not turned on all day and is only on when it needs to be used.



We ensure that we keep lighting in all public areas to a minimum overnight, only in exception  for emergency lighting. We use movement activated lighting and LED lighting throughout the hotel to reduce our usage.



To reduce the amount of water used throughout the hotel we do in house washing of all of our linens where possible. Our outsourced laundry is provided by a local company.  We kindly ask our guests to put any used linen on the floor so we only replace what is used. We collectively as a whole team, lead by example and only use what we need reducing our overall usage.


Additionally our water is quality checked to make sure it conforms to the latest legislation.


Our Building

We continuously ensure maintenance checks are carried out across the hotel. We proudly have multiple green spaces, these are throughout the hotel on our terraces to be as bee friendly as possible!


Waste disposal

All waste must be disposed of in compliance with the below legislation

  • The Environmental protection Act 1990

  • The controlled waste regulations 1991

  • The special waste regulations 1996 (as amended)



We endeavour to only use products with recyclable packaging to reduce our impact on the environment. 

All takeaway packaging we use is recyclable.

We recycle all paper, cardboard,glass, plastic and food waste.


Food & Drink 

The Lawrence has a policy to only use the best locally sourced ingredients in our restaurant; this is to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint. On any occasion where we cannot source an item locally it is sourced from the UK. We take pride in baking all our own sweet treat additions for our amazing afternoon tea and our dessert menus!

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