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Why Lawrence?


A family affair. Our Director's father was called Lawrence Huckerby. Born and raised in Yorkshire my father taught me that hard work and good sense of humour is all you need to be happy. 

To the manor born. The Lord of the manor that laid the first brick at Gawthorpe Hall was Lawrence Shuttleworth. He did however die before it was finished but without his vision this beautiful building would have never happened.

J R R Tolkien would have had a very different live if he hadn't have been taken in by his uncle Lawrence, he later went on to write about The Shire whilst be inspired after visiting his son at Stonyhurst college.

A witch's friend. Margaret Pearson from Padiham  was the only witch not to be executed at the Pendle witch trials, in her cell she is said to have conceived a child with another male witch Lawrence Hay.

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