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Everything You Need to Know About Twilight Weddings

Envision a wedding like no other? Twilight weddings are a unique, romantic and budget friendly way to celebrate your big day in a way that suits you.

Swap confetti for sparklers and celebrate the beginning of a new chapter of your newlywed lives as you watch the day turn to night with all your friends and family. Evening weddings make for truly magical celebrations of the matrimonial union of two people.

Twilight weddings at the Lawrence Hotel take a more laidback approach, offering couples the choice to ditch traditional formalities such as sit-down meals and speeches, and instead tie the knot later in the day and go straight into the evening party.

Situated in the heart of East Lancashire, on the edge of the stunning Ribble Valley, the Lawrence Hotel is an exquisite 200-year-old Grade II listed venue, offering the most magical twilight wedding venue for your twilight wedding ceremony and evening wedding reception.

If you’re interested in finding out more about why so many people are choosing alternative twilight weddings over traditional ceremonies and are considering an evening wedding for your own special day, read on!

What is a twilight wedding?

A twilight wedding typically begins after 5pm, usually timed to coincide with sunset, and goes straight into the evening wedding reception. They allow couples to host the wedding of their dreams in a more flexible, laid-back style but because the concept of an evening wedding is fairly new thing, not all wedding venues offer them.

Twilight weddings include a full ceremony and evening wedding reception, just without the formalities of a traditional wedding, so are perfect for more relaxed celebrations. Most twilight wedding packages include arrival drinks as well as evening food from buffet style menus or food trucks, so there’s no need to worry about your guests getting hungry!

What happens at a twilight wedding?

The schedule of your wedding day depends on your twilight wedding venue, but a typical day-plan would go as follows:

  • 5.30pm – guest arrival

  • 5.50pm – guests are seated

  • 6.00pm – 6.30pm – the wedding ceremony takes place

  • 6.30pm – 7.30pm – arrival drinks and wedding photographs

  • 7.30pm – midnight – evening wedding reception including food, drinks and entertainment

Why choose a twilight wedding?

There are a ton of reasons why a twilight wedding is an attractive option for couples. Here are some of the highlights:

Budget friendly

Twilight weddings are becoming a popular option for couples operating on a budget as they tend to be cheaper than traditional weddings. This is because evening weddings remove the traditional sit-down wedding breakfast which can be very costly and take up a long segment of the day. Instead, guests attending a nighttime wedding can enjoy drinks and canapes after the ceremony and relaxed buffet style menus or on-the-go street food from wedding food trucks at the evening wedding reception. You can check out our blog for more budget friendly wedding ideas.

Atmospheric lighting

Twilight weddings take advantage of the enchanting and romantic atmosphere that builds as the sun goes down, not only making for a beautiful visual of the happy couple but also providing spectacular photo opportunities. Your wedding photographer or wedding videographer will know exactly how to make the most of this exciting visual, allowing for some incredible photos to remember your special day. As an evening wedding is usually timed to coincide with golden hour, you should make sure you know exactly when the sun will set to plan your ceremony and other timings around this.

Shorter wedding day

With so much to consider, the process of planning a wedding can be stressful enough for many couples and the thought of being the centre of attention for an entire day can be overwhelming. With a twilight wedding you effectively cut the day in half, allowing time to relax in the morning whilst you get ready instead of feeling rushed. The beauty of an evening wedding is that you can start the wedding celebrations pretty much straight away whilst your guests are all still high in spirit.

How to plan a twilight wedding?

Planning a twilight wedding is more or less the same as planning any other wedding, without the worries of a wedding breakfast and ‘who sits where?’ Here are some details you will need to consider and top tips to help you create your dream twilight wedding:

  • Choose the venue carefully – make sure to visit wedding venues in the evening to envision what the venue will look like on the day

  • Consider the time of year – the wedding ceremony is usually timed to coincide with sunset, so consider the time of year and sunset timings to ensure you get the most out of the ambient lighting

  • Have the right lighting – make sure to ask what type of lighting can be used, such as fairy lights, to make the atmosphere even more magical

Twilight wedding venues

Not every wedding venue is suited to a twilight wedding, and some don’t offer them at all. What might look grand and attractive during the day, may seem rather underwhelming without natural light. We cannot stress enough how important it is to visit each venue in the evening so you can get a feel for the setting and properly envision what it will be like on the day. This will play a critical role in helping you find your dream twilight wedding venue.

Just like any wedding, it’s important to put thought into choosing the right wedding venue for a twilight wedding. There are also several logistical factors you should keep in mind when viewing a wedding venue for a twilight wedding for the first time. Will the twilight wedding ceremony be held outside? Will the sun be behind or in front of you? Will the venue be cold after sun set? What type of lighting can you use and how will this add to the atmosphere?

How much does a twilight wedding cost?

One of the advantages of a twilight wedding is that they tend to be cheaper than traditional weddings, so they are brilliant for couples planning a wedding on a budget. The total cost of a twilight wedding is totally dependent, of course, on your chosen twilight wedding venue and wedding package but it may vary depending on the number of guests attending, time of year and any add-ons you request. In particular, the Lawrence Hotel offer couples the option to request an earlier start time for an additional cost. Take a look at the twilight wedding packages we offer:

Stars Package: (includes evening food from our Evening snacks section of our buffet menus)

  • 50 guests – £2,250 (2024/25)

  • 100 guests – £2,999 (2024/25)

  • Extra guests – £19.50 (2024/25)

Moon Package: (includes evening food from our Food for thought section of our buffet menus)

  • 50 guests – £2450 (2024/25)

  • 100 guests – £3699 (2024/25)

  • Extra guests – £25.50 (2024/25)

At the Lawrence Hotel, there is nothing we love more than hosting alternative weddings that celebrate the unique style of your couple. Just like no two weddings are the same, no two couples are the same and your wedding day should capture this in every sense. We believe our gorgeous surroundings and venue are the perfect fit for a magical twilight wedding, offering an unforgettable atmosphere for your special day. Don’t hesitate to get in touch as our exceptionally talented team are here to offer guidance and help you create the twilight wedding of your dreams.


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