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Top 10 Wedding Photographers

Best Wedding Photographers in Lancashire

Alongside your wedding venue in Lancashire, your wedding photographer is often one of the first things you’ll need to organise when planning your special day. Especially so if you have a particular photographer you want to work with. Often a good wedding photographer will take bookings years in advance! Capturing your wedding day as it happens is a unique skill and these photographs will last for generations. Inviting someone to spend this day with you is an honour so liking your photographer is a must!

How to choose your wedding photographer

When looking at wedding photographers and videographers it’s important to view their portfolio. Most will have a website or Instagram account where you can look at their previous work, check out their style and read reviews from their previous wedding clients. Each photographer will have their own unique style and making sure that it matches your own wedding vibes is essential as these photos will last for the rest of your lives.

Some wedding photographers will have a more formal style, which is great for large traditional weddings, where stills of different sets of family members is wanted. Others will have a more natural focus and produce action shots, candid moments and less staged family photos. Each couple will have their own preferences, so viewing multiple photos from multiple weddings will give a good idea of style and expertise.

Make sure you meet your chosen photographer before the big day, even if it is just online. They’ll be with you for almost every moment of your wedding day so it’s probably a good idea to like your photographer too. Ask them any questions you have before you pay your deposit.

Ask to see a contract as it’s important to know the terms and conditions before you pay a non-refundable deposit. You’ll need to know about public liability insurance, print release so you own the copyright of the photographs and find out how and if they intend to share photographs of you and your guests anywhere else. Some couples may not want their photos shared so always better to check first.

What’s Included

First of all, check where your wedding photographer is located. Many will be willing to travel but may charge depending on how far they need to go.

Find out what they’re going to provide you with afterwards. Will you get a digital file with watermark free high-res images? Will they be providing prints for you? Do you want to print them yourselves? Do they provide wedding books?

Wedding photographers will offer different packages depending on what you want. Do your research, collect at least 3 quotes and decide what you want from your wedding photographer before booking.

Top 10 best wedding photographers in Lancashire

We’ve put together a list of our top ten best rated wedding photographers in Lancashire as a good starting point for booking that special someone to capture your wedding day.

Tom Lally Photography –

Daisy Bell photography –


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