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How to Choose Your Wedding Makeup Artist

You’ve found your fairy tale wedding venue in the heart of the glorious Lancashire countryside, now for the fun extras. To add the final touches to this enchanting setting, finding your dream wedding makeup artist is paramount and will ensure you radiate beauty and confidence on your special day. Your wedding day will likely be captured by a wedding photographer or wedding videographer, so of course you want to look your best. A professional makeup artist will bring their expertise and passion to your big day and create an unforgettable bridal makeup look that will elevate your whole wedding.

What is a Wedding Makeup Artist?

After months or perhaps even years of planning your wedding, when the big day finally arrives, you will want to rest assured that every detail has been planned and perfected to ensure that everything runs smoothly. A makeup artist for weddings is a hugely popular addition to any wedding for brides who want to relax on the morning of their wedding day. From the moment you wake up you will be celebrating the day you have been anticipating for so long, so leaving your intricate bridal eye makeup and glam wedding make-up look in the hands of a professional is an excellent idea.

Wedding make-up artists work their magic by transforming your dreams into reality. Finding your wedding beauty team early will allow you the chance to build a relationship with your chosen hair and makeup artists before your big day, so you can wholly trust them to get you ready for the aisle. With a gentle touch and keen eye for detail, bridal makeup artists work to enhance your natural beauty, ensuring you feel confident and are camera ready on the day. Some wedding makeup services and packages will even include wedding makeup and hair for your bridal party.

Why Have a Makeup Artist for Weddings?

Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding in Lancashire has a number of perks. A professional bridal makeup artist has the skills and expertise to create flawless, long-lasting looks that will photograph well. Creating glam bridal makeup is a type of artistry and professional makeup artists know how to enhance your natural features and make you feel like the best version of yourself on your big day. They can also use their talent to create a harmonious look for your entire bridal party that matches your unique wedding theme and wedding aesthetic, elegantly tying the whole day together.

Another reason why hiring a makeup artist for weddings is an excellent idea is that they will take a load off your shoulders on the morning of your big day. Weddings shouldn’t be stressful and having someone to take care of your bridal hair and makeup will relieve you of the pressure of perfecting your own bridal makeup, allow you to focus on other important aspects of the day and relax and enjoy the process. Having a bridal makeup specialist is a special treat that adds a little bit of glamour and luxury to your wedding day, allowing you to relax whilst knowing that you are in capable hands.

Do I Need a Professional Makeup Artist for my Bridesmaids?

Having a bridal makeup artist to do your bridesmaids makeup as well as your own depends on your preference and budget. Professional makeup artists are talented at what they do and have the skills to create a clean, cohesive look for your whole bridal party. They will also take a lot of stress off you and your bridesmaids as you embark on the most exciting day of your life. However, if you have bridesmaids that are confident and skilled in makeup, you might not need a professional. The most important thing is that everyone feels beautiful and comfortable on the day.

While paying for wedding makeup for bridesmaids is a lovely treat, it is not an essential and is a decision that is completely up to you. Whatever you choose to do, you should be clear on the bridesmaid hair and makeup situation, so your bridal party have plenty of time to prepare. That is, if the bride is not paying, bridesmaids might want to book with another professional makeup artist on the morning of your wedding day or plan to do their own makeup looks.

How to Choose Your Wedding Makeup Artist?


The first step to finding your dream bridal makeup artist is researching professional makeup artists in your local area or the area surrounding your chosen wedding venue. Most reputable bridal makeup artists will have websites and social media accounts where you can view a portfolio of their previous work, read reviews and gather inspiration for your own bridal makeup. You could even create a mood board of some of your favourite bridal eye makeup and wedding makeup looks before booking your first consultation as this will massively help you get your vision across to the bridal makeup artist.


The journey to finding your perfect bridal makeup look begins with a consultation. Professional makeup artists will take the time to understand the bride’s unique personality, style and preferences. Your wedding hair and makeup should complement your wedding aesthetic and, most importantly, enhance your natural look. Whether the bride envisions a classic, romantic, bohemian or contemporary look, wedding makeup artists will listen and offer expert advice to ensure the final result is a reflection of the bride’s desired look. Your input matters, so make sure your voice is heard!

Trial runs

Professional makeup artists will offer trial runs before the big day. These sessions offer the perfect opportunity to refine your chosen style, discuss any adjustments and build a sense of trust between the bride and the bridal makeup specialist. Whether you envision glam bridal makeup or more natural wedding makeup for your special day, a wedding hair and makeup trial run will give you the chance to experiment with different looks and help you finalise your decision. This is one of the most important steps in choosing a wedding makeup artist as you want to be happy with the final look.

How Much Does a Wedding Makeup Artist Cost?

On average, the cost of a wedding makeup artist in the UK ranges between £200-£450. This figure typically includes the price of bridal makeup trials and will vary dependent on a number of factors including travelling distance and required working hours. It also goes without saying that you will be paying more if you wish to provide makeup for bridesmaids as well as yourself on the day. Check out some of the bridal makeup artists in your local area and the area surrounding your wedding venue as they will offer a range of packages that will be priced in accordance with the different makeup services they include.

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