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The Ultimate Guide To A Dog Friendly Wedding

Saying I Do with Your Best Friend by Your Side

Here at The Lawrence, we love nothing more than hosting your wedding day where you say ‘I do’ surrounded by your nearest and dearest. We also understand that your loved ones most definitely include your furry best friends. Indeed, these beloved members of your family are by your side everyday so why wouldn’t you have them with you on your special day? As Lancashire’s number one dog-friendly venue, we at The Lawrence love nothing more than hosting dog friendly weddings, they might even be our most favourite but shh don’t tell anyone!

According to the PDSA 29% of UK adults own a dog which equates to 11 million loyal companions. If you would love to have your dog in your wedding but need a few ideas on how to include them then read on for that all important inspiration. And don’t forget you don’t need to have a formal role for your best friend, you could just have them being their adorable selves and enjoying all the attention from the other guests.

Involving Your Best Friend in Your Wedding Day

When you’re looking at options for including your four-legged friend in your wedding day you do need to first consider your dog’s personality. There will be a lot of hustle and bustle, excitement, lots of new smells and cheering and clapping, not to mention the wedding band at the evening celebrations and the dancing that comes along with them. This can be sensory overload for your pup and a challenging environment if they are potentially unnerved by loud noises. So, although you would dearly love your dog with you at your wedding you do also need to consider how they will cope with the day.

It is also worth mentioning to your florist so they can ensure no blooms are used which could be harmful and letting your guests know. We’re sure most will already know your pup and be thrilled but if someone is nervous around dogs or has any allergies it’s worth them knowing in advance.

You could also consider hiring a pet wedding attendant, a fairly new idea but one which will allow you to enjoy your day with the knowledge your furry best friend is being well looked after. A wedding pet attendant provides complete care for your pooch from on-leash exercising, keeping your dog fed and watered and taking care of toilet times. They can also create bespoke packages to suit the needs of your dog, so you and your guests don’t need to worry and can instead focus on the celebrating.

If you know your pooch will take the pressure of the big day in their stride and be the star you know they are, then why not give them a more active role. Below are a few suggestions on how you could involve your dog in your wedding day.

Greeter – For those with the friendliest of personalities, being the greeter to welcome all your guest is the perfect role.

Dog Best Man or Dog of Honour – They do say a dog is a man’s best friend, so it seems natural to have them by your side while you say, ‘I Do’.

Walking down the aisle – There are several options for your pup to walk down the aisle. They could be the ring bearer, carrying your wedding rings however this should probably be reserved for the most well-trained dogs or perhaps use dummy rings which can be quickly substituted for the real ones to avoid any mishaps. Alternatively, they could walk down the aisle before you as a bridesmaid or by the groom’s or bride’s side. A nice touch is to attach a GoPro to their collar to get a different perspective that the videographer isn’t able to.

Flower Pup – If your dog is great with children, you could have them carry the flower petals down the aisle while your flower boys and girls throw them.

Honoured Guest – If there’s a chance your four-legged friend might get distracted by saying hello to everyone rather than making it down the aisle then why not give them pride of place as an honoured guest in the front row. They’ll be close to you and won’t be in danger of stealing the limelight by any unscripted behaviour.

Officiant Assistant – As long as the person marrying you doesn’t mind, you could have your pup stand or sit next to them, your photographer will be able to snap some gorgeous memories of you saying ‘I do’ with your dog in the frame providing a helping paw.

Wedding Cake Topper – If you’re having a cake topper made to look just like you then why not ask for your dog to be added too. You could also have a mini dog friendly wedding cake made so when everyone is being handed a slice your furry friend isn’t left out.

Dressing For the Occasion

Whether you’ve decided your dog will take an active part in your wedding or simply be on hand for cuddles during the day, don’t forget they need to look their best. The options truly are endless but some of our favourites are to have a bespoke collar and lead matching the colour theme of your big day. For those best boys, a top hat and bow tie will have them looking dashing and just too cute and if they’re going to be either a bridesmaid or flower pup then a flower crown will have them looking even more gorgeous than they already are, if that’s possible!

Capturing Memories for Lifetime

As your dog truly is part of the family, being able to have them in your private wedding photos is such a special way to remember the day. When booking your wedding photographer talk to them about your ideas and whether they have any experience photographing animals. Booking the right photographer can mean capturing some stunning posed wedding photos with your dog and also those candied moments that really show your four-legged best friends’ personality and love they have for you.

At The Lawrence, we’d love to host your special day at our dog friendly wedding venue in the UK and make sure your beloved pup is there to share in the memories. We’re more than happy to work with you on all your ideas for the big day and how your dog can be included, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can help make your dreams come true.


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