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Dog Friendly Staycations in Lancashire

Every now and again all of us need a little time away to relax, recharge and do what makes us smile. Booking that time off from work can be incredibly exciting, as can choosing where to go on holiday. With so many incredibly beautiful locations in the UK, we simply can’t think of anything better than plumping for a staycation, packing up the car, hitting the open road and exploring the UK. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, mini vacation, holistay or shortcation, a staycation in the UK really can’t be beaten, except of course if it’s a dog friendly staycation!

Where To Go on Your Dog Friendly Staycation

With contrasting landscapes and a rich, diverse heritage, Lancashire is a county that ticks all the boxes. Covering 3,075 km square of the Northwest of England, Lancashire not only has a rugged coastline to explore but rolling hills to conquer, your efforts rewarded with stunning views, and an abundance of authentic local produce to sample and tantalise your taste buds. But with so many options how do you narrow down where to visit and where to stay while on holiday?

In our opinion, the Forest of Bowland and Pendle Hill are not to be missed while on a staycation in Lancashire and making the quaint town of Padiham your base to explore from will be the perfect spot for your UK dog friendly staycation.

Forest of Bowland

Designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) since 1964, the Forest of Bowland is definitely not to be missed when visiting Lancashire. It was renamed, as were all designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales in November 2023 to become a National Landscape. The new name reflects the stunning landscape which features gritstone fells, the highest point being Ward’s Stone at 1,841 feet (561m), deep valleys, peat moorland and also the 500 listed buildings and 18 scheduled monuments.

But not only this, the Forest of Bowland National Landscape, one of 46 National Landscapes in the UK covering 14% of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland also contains the ancient Forest of Pendle. Separated from the main forest by the Ribble Valley, this area of ancient royal forest is probably best known for Pendle Hill, an area we mention in more detail below.

Finally, there is much debate how to calculate the geographical centre of Great Britain due to land erosion constantly changing the location and the argument of whether offshore islands should be included in the calculation. Nevertheless, the geographic centre of Great Britain (by one definition) is located close to Whitendale Hanging Stones in the Forest of Bowland (grid reference 54°0′13.176″N 2°32′52.278″W), definitely a claim to fame to say you’ve stood at the centre of Great Britain!

Pendle Hill

Located in the east of Lancashire, close to the towns of Padiham, Burnley, Clitheroe, Nelson, Brierfield and Colne you’ll find Pendle Hill. Standing tall at 1827 ft, it’s a popular hill to ascend with numerous routes to choose from depending on how steep an ascent you fancy tackling. The steepest and arguably the most popular route begins in the village of Barley.

However, Pendle Hill isn’t just famous amongst hill walkers and outdoor enthusiasts, it’s also well known for three historical events which took place in the 17th century. The Pendle witch trials in 1612, among the most famous witch trials in English history, where the twelve accused, living around the Pendle Hill area were charged with the murder of ten people by witchcraft, the location unsurprisingly has been the scene for numerous supernatural programmes over the years. The second historical event was the vision of George Fox in 1652 leading to the foundation of the Religious Society of Friends more commonly known as the Quaker movement and the third was Richard Towneley’s (an English mathematician, natural philosopher and astronomer who was a resident at Towneley Hall near Burnley) barometer experiment in 1661.


A small town (originally a rural village) on the river Calder, approximately 3 miles south of Pendle Hill, is surrounded by stunning countryside including the foothills of Pendle Hill to the north-west and north-east. With architectural gems such as the grade II listed Padiham Town Hall, and properties such as the listed former Padiham Building Society Headquarters along with the Padiham Memorial Park design by Thomas Mawson, a prolific landscape designer to enjoy, Padiham is a real jewel in the crown of Lancashire.

Not only this but with the town’s centre designated as a conservation area and the National Trust owned property of Gawthorpe Hall’s estate (an Elizabethan country house on the banks of the river Calder) extending into Padiham with the Stockbridge Drive entrance situated there, the town is a wonderful location from which to explore the wider Lancashire area.

Where to Stay in Padiham?

When it comes to the question of where to stay in Padiham our go to every time would be The Lawrence. A stunning grade II listed building that has been lovingly renovated to create 14 design-led boutique hotel rooms. The owners themselves discovered Padiham and the beautiful property when driving through the Ribble Valley enroute to Pendle Hill.

Not only is The Lawrence Hotel a gorgeous place for you and your loved ones to stay but as it offers dog friendly accommodation it means all the family, those with two legs and those with four legs can come along on the staycation at this luxury dog friendly UK hotel. In fact, The Lawrence is one of the UK’s top dog friendly hotels, your beloved furry best friends aren’t just welcome to stay they are welcome to join you for breakfast and dinner and have their own doggy dinners on the menu.

Hetti, the extremely friendly and loveable hotel’s Sprocker (a cross between a Springer and Cocker Spaniel) puppy and all the staff are just waiting to warmly welcome you to The Lawrence on your pet friendly break and having Hetti, are expertly placed to give advice on the amazing walks on the hotel’s doorstep and further afield. With Memorial Park just over the road, Gawthorpe Hall just down the road and Pendle Hill a ten-minute drive away, incredible memories to last a lifetime are just waiting to be made on your Lancashire dog friendly staycation at the Lawrence Hotel.


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