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Alternative Weddings in Lancashire

Alternative Weddings

Your wedding day is about celebrating your love for one another, revelling in your shared interests, and making a binding, public commitment to each other in front of your family, friends and loved ones. Each one of us is wonderfully unique and this most special day needs to be personal to both you and your partner. Not all brides want a big white wedding dress. Not all grooms want a fixed schedule for the day. Not all couples want to be part of a production line at a wedding venue that caters to multiple weekend weddings.

We want to feel special, unique, cherished.

What is an alternative wedding?

An alternative wedding is a wedding that doesn’t conform to the expected standards of a typical wedding day. An alternative wedding venue is one that caters to the special requests of the happy couple, be it unusual themes, non-conventional wedding attire, alternative wedding readings and walking down the aisle to something other than lift music. Get married in black, walk down the aisle to Metallica, decorate your venue in your style and set your wedding schedule your way. Let the groom wear a dress and the bride wear a suit, your dad’s welcome in drag and your grandma is welcome to wear a onesie.

Get married your way and dance to your own rhythm on your wedding day with a hotel wedding venue with a difference.

Who is an alternative wedding suited to?

The beauty of an alternative wedding is that anyone can have one!

With the right venue, your wacky and wonderful ideas can become a reality. Go for a theme that fits your passion, decorate your wedding suite to your heart’s desire and entertain your guests in a way they won’t forget.

Why choose an alternative wedding in Lancashire?

Nestled on the northwest coast and sprawling inland, Lancashire boasts a sweeping coastline, close proximity to the northern cities of Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool and a whole host of lively towns coupled with rural rolling landscapes. Lancashire makes it a wonderful place to get married with its accessible location, coastal charm, and plethora of unique wedding venues.

The Lawrence is an intimate hotel wedding venue in Padiham, Lancashire. Just a short distance from the bustling town of Burnley, The Lawrence is a gorgeous venue for weddings large and small. The hotel itself looks deceptively intimate from the outside but once you’re through the door, this well-appointed, stylish venue stretches out in every direction. Master of Ceremonies Mike loves helping couples plan their special day and caters to alternative wedding requests.

Plan your day your way with this exceptional Lancashire wedding venue.

Our top 10 alternative wedding ideas

1. Alternative wedding venues

Choose a venue that feels authentic, offers a fantastic experience and has hosts that want to make your special day as unique as possible. Your wedding venue should set the vibe for your wedding day that’s personal to you as a couple and makes for a unique and unforgettable experience.

2. Alternative wedding dresses

On your wedding day you should wear whatever you want. Wear a dress, or not. Wear white, or not. Once you cast off the white wedding expectation, the choice is entirely your own. Make your wedding day unforgettable and choose an alternative wedding outfit that makes you the centre of attention all day long.

3. Alternative wedding aisle songs

Dance down the aisle on your wedding day to your absolute favourite bangers. If heavy metal is your thing, go for it. If you prefer drum and bass, your wish is our command. Whatever music you’re into, this is your day, and you get to choose the soundtrack. Alternative wedding aisle songs will have your audience smiling as you enter the room and have whoever is waiting at the altar, beaming as you make your way towards them.

4. Alternative wedding rings

Your wedding ring is something you’ll cherish forever. It may even be passed on to loved ones to remember you by one day. Pick a ring that fits your style and choose alternative wedding rings that match your personality. The days of plain gold bands are long gone and these days anything goes.

5. Alternative wedding readings

We’ve heard romantic poetry and Disney quotes, movie lines and song lyrics quoted during wedding ceremonies. With a civil wedding ceremony at an alternative hotel wedding venue, you get to dictate the order of service and alternative wedding readings can be included that have special meaning to you and your loved ones.

6. Wedding cake alternatives

Cake or not cake? You may have heard of this phenomenon. You can literally make anything look like a cake if you’re so inclined. Wedding cake alternatives also include cheese boards, cheesecakes, dessert boards, cupcakes or even no cake. Not everyone has a sweet tooth and long gone are the days of keeping a fruit cake layer for the birth of your first child. Eat what you want to eat on your wedding day.

7. Alternative wedding schedule

Your day your way. Suggested schedules are just that, suggestions. If you want cake before the ceremony, then make it happen. If you’d rather skip the speeches, do it. Work with an alternative wedding venue that works best for you and the way you want to celebrate your wedding day.

8. Alternative wedding gift list

An alternative wedding probably means the happy couple have alternative ideas for their wedding gift list. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want. It’s expected that your loved ones will want to buy you a gift for this momentous occasion so think about what you might need.

9. Alternative wedding flowers

Fresh flowers for your wedding bouquet is a practice that has lasted for generations, but that doesn’t mean you have to conform. Recently dried flowers have made a comeback and are completely natural. Choose artificial and keep your bouquet forever. Alternative wedding flowers include foliage only designs, flowers made from paper, broaches, buttons and chocolate! The only limit to what you could do is your imagination.

10. Alternative wedding themes

We’ve seen gothic themes, crazy colour schemes, Star Wars weddings and Disney themed decorations. Alternative wedding themes are about making your special day personal to you and your interests. Go nuts, you’ll only do it once!


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