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What Your Wedding Guest Outfit Says About You

It’s that time of year when the wedding season is almost upon us. Those brave men and women who chose to get married in the spring in the UK are putting the final touches to their perfect days and you’re starting to plan what to wear to a wedding. There are a surprising number of questions to consider, such as can you wear red to a wedding? Sure, if you can pull it off! Or can you wear black to a wedding? Probably not …

We reckon it’s probably easier for a man to choose a wedding outfit than a woman, as once you have a wedding suit picked out, it’s plain sailing from there, right? But for women, well, what if someone has the same dress, or what if you wear a dress you’ve worn before and someone notices, or even, what if someone has your dress and looks BETTER THAN YOU?! That might be the ultimate wedding guest outfit nightmare.

Let’s take a look at what your wedding guest dresses, and wedding guest suits say about you.

The White Dress

Who do you think you are?!

It is the golden rule of wedding guest dresses that you CANNOT wear white to a wedding. That colour is reserved for the bride, and small children maybe, only. Anyone who wears white to a wedding, who is not saying vows probably thinks that they are more important than the bride and might even secretly, or not so secretly, want to upstage the bride. They may even have their eye on the groom.

Avoid this person. They are probably volatile, most certainly vain, and could well be planning to sabotage the wedding.

The Light Blue Wedding Suit

First making an appearance in the nineties film, American Pie, this suit has continued in popularity and is worn by those with a supreme confidence in their appearance. You will have a laid-back personality and might even be slightly clueless. You will most definitely be single, as there are not many men or women out there who would encourage their partner to wear a blue wedding suit that is not navy.

Brave choice. If you can pull it off, we salute you.

The Pink Dress

A pink wedding guest dress is a sensible choice. Blush, nude, rose gold, baby pink are all acceptable hues for a wedding guest dress, will suit most skin types and hair colours and are flattering and pretty without upstaging the bride. Those who wear pink dresses for wedding guest outfits are probably feminine, super sweet and most definitely in a couple. You probably have kids or if not yet, are already planning your family.

Dresses for wedding guests should not, however, be hot pink, cerise, magenta or neon. Leave the eye-catching pink couture to the celebrities.

The Fascinator

Not all fascinators are made equal.

Take poor Princess Eugenie for example. The creation that she wore to William and Kate’s wedding was probably a regret she’ll have for the rest of her life. What was she thinking.

Should you choose to wear a fascinator to a wedding, make sure it is not so extravagant that you’re blocking everyone’s view during the ceremony. Pick a wedding fascinator colour that complements your skin tone, hair and wedding guest outfit, and avoid black. Black fascinators should only really be worn by those in mourning.

The Tweed Suit

There is one at every wedding. A gentleman in a tweed wedding suit. He probably has a beard. He is most likely wearing a tweed waistcoat too.

You know who you are. The hipster.

There might even be a few of you. The cool kids.

Whilst tweed has been an acceptable style choice for rural communities for decades, the urban crowd have adopted it as their own. Tweed suits are fine for spring and autumn weddings boys, but beware of wearing tweed in summer.

You WILL get hot. Even more so if you have lots of facial hair.

The Black Dress

This is a tricky one. If you choose to wear a black wedding guest dress, one of a few things may have occurred.

One – you may have been invited to do so. In which case, a black dress to a wedding is perfectly acceptable.

Two – you may be incredibly fashionable, think you’re as glamourous as a celebrity, and so confident that no one will care. We applaud you for your on-trend fashion credentials.

Three – you may have never been to a wedding before and have decided to wear your nicest night out dress, which is totally unsuitable to a summer wedding where everyone else is wearing pastels and you stand out in photographs like a sore thumb.

Don’t worry, it’s unlikely you’ll make the same mistake twice. We hope.

As an honoured wedding guest, remember that you’ll be forever immortalised in the happy couples wedding photos for generations to come. Choose your wedding guest outfit wisely and be remembered for the right reasons.


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