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Wedding Flowers

Your wedding flowers are an expression of you and choosing flowers for weddings should be one of the more fun tasks on your wedding list of to-dos. The flowers you use to finish your wedding can add fun, drama and romance to any setting and no wedding dress is complete without something floral to style it with. There are so many colours, flowers, designs, styles and mediums you can use to decorate yourself, your venue, your friends and family that wedding flower ideas should be something you think about early on as wedding florists will take bookings a year or two in advance.

It is estimated that typically the average cost of wedding flowers is around 10% of your total wedding budget, but as with anything wedding-related, you can spend much less or much more than this to achieve your desired look and feel. Flowers for wedding ceremonies can be fresh, dried or artificial wedding flowers depending on your circumstances and preferences. Dried flower wedding bouquet designs can be made ahead of time, are light and transportable and very popular right now. Artificial can give the look and feel of fresh flowers but are typically made from plastic or synthetic fibres and are much more robust for travelling.

Fresh wedding flower arrangements will be more important to some people than others so when you’re trawling through wedding magazines, Insta, Pinterest or going to the weddings of friends and family, keep an eye out for what you like and don’t like as this will help your wedding florist get an insight into the styles you prefer.

History of Wedding Flowers

From ancient Egypt to early Greek and Romans, records show that flowers have been incorporated into union ceremonies for thousands of years. Different flowers, foliage’s and herbs have been thought to have different properties and significance and have been used to symbolise love, happiness, fertility, commitment and for their medicinal properties.

Decorations made from natural, local and seasonal flowers and plants would have been made by the families of the wedding party into garlands and posies to decorate the bride and groom, place of ceremony, marriage bed and as tokens of love, thanks and prosperity.

This is still very much the case today where we make flowers to hold, flowers to say thanks and flowers for venues for lots of special occasions, not just weddings.

How Much do Wedding Flowers Cost

This is hard to pin down as it really depends on what you choose. A minimalist wedding might pick a small bride’s bouquet for the bride and a buttonhole for their partner and opt for a flower free venue. This is low cost and still nods to floral traditions.

At the other end of the scale, the bride may have a herd of bridesmaids and a ton of groomsmen who all need flowers, a large family who they want to provide buttonholes for, a ceremony venue and/or reception venue wanting archway flowers, pedestal arrangements, floral moon gates, table centres, thank you bouquets for the nearest and dearest, not to mention flowers to decorate the cake, staircases, fireplaces, hanging clouds, meadow boxes for the edge of the dance floor – the sky is really the limit.

It's a good idea to talk to a wedding florist about your ideas as they will be able to give a quote. If you have champagne taste but a beer budget, then they’ll be able to direct you to more cost-effective options and ideas for substitutes or alternatives.

Always try to get three quotes and pick a florist that you’re happy to work with, one that inspires trust and remember to check out their portfolio of previous wedding work to make sure that their style matches yours.

Types of Wedding Flowers

The most obvious wedding flowers are the flowers required for the bridal party. Wedding flower packages can include whichever items you want, and your wedding florist should be able to create a bespoke wedding package for you.

· Bride –bride’s bouquet, wedding flower crown, wedding hair flowers, mock up designs

· Groom – buttonhole or boutonniere

· Bridesmaid’s flowers – bouquets, wedding flower crowns, wrist corsages, flower girl hoops, flower girl wands

· Groomsmen - buttonholes or boutonnieres

· Parents of the wedding couple & family members – buttonholes and boutonnieres

Venue flowers related to flowers to decorate a church, reception room, wedding venues, outdoor spaces, tents and marquees and registry offices. Whether you’re having a daytime wedding or a twilight wedding, flowers are the perfect finishing touches to your wedding venue styling.

· Church wedding flowers – flower pew ends, church pedestals, dried flower confetti, wedding flower arches, porch arrangements, archway designs and windowsill arrangements.

· Venue flowers – wedding top table flowers, table centres, entranceway flowers such as floral arches, half arches or broken arches, table plan flowers, floating flower clouds, floral moon gates, meadow boxes for floral floor arrangements, hanging flower installations, staircase arrangements and garlands for fireplaces.

Other floral designs for weddings include cake flowers and thank you bouquets.

· Cake flowers – fresh flowers can be used to decorate tiered wedding cakes, cake tables and dessert platters.

· Thank you bouquets – sometimes couples want to thank the parents of the wedding couple if they have helped contribute to the wedding, and these bouquets are presented during the speeches typically

Top Wedding Florists in Lancashire

First and Last –

We recommend choosing a unique wedding venue in Lancashire to showcase your wedding florals and The Lawrence offers a wonderful choice of wedding packages near Burnley.


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