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Music Polices Form

We are looking forward to you performing at an event with us. Please fill in the form below if you intend of performing or playing recorded music at an event with us.

As we are situated in the middle of a residential area we have agreed to these special conditions  with the council which allows us to play music till midnight. 


Please read and agree below to confirm the following,


1: Use of bass drums is prohibited. However you can use an electric drum.


2: You agree to provide us with a PAT test certificate and Public liability insurance certificate.


3: You agree to keep the sound to a reasonable level as we are in a residential area.


4: We will operate an airlock system which means, you can't use the back door to unload until everyone is out of the function room, into the bar and the bar door is shut, however you can use the front door. This is to stop the noise of people talking waking up our neighbours. 


5. The back fire door must be kept closed after 10pm


We appreciate your help with the restrictions laid out by the council allowing us to operate. 

What kind of muscial act descibes you?
Upload Insurance
Upload PAT

Thanks for submitting!

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